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3 Effects IoT has on Mobile App Development

In simple terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) can be referred to as a connected network of devices. Internet of Things can be found in homes, offices and other commercial places. With the Internet of Things, it becomes easier to manage projects which involve various departments of employees. It also becomes easier to access data stored in multiple devices. For instance, heart monitoring devices come with built-in sensors, assigned with an IP address, and capable of collecting and transmitting data over the network. They are made to observe, understand, and analyze the surroundings as per human needs. In the last few years, IoT has become one of the most critical technologies of the 21st century. Businesses from different domains have started adopting the technology to get a leg up on the competition.

Mobile app development & IoT

The impact of the IoT has reached almost across all aspects of life. The connected ecosystem of devices, sensors, and applications has now penetrated modern workplaces, transport systems, public places, and transit systems and almost everywhere one can think of. Unsurprisingly, mobile app development practices are impacted by advancements in the IoT sector as well. 

Cost Effectiveness

Reducing human efforts in the development process makes an application cost-effective. The developer can expand its profit margin by reducing human efforts in the development process of a mobile app. With the Internet of Things, human efforts can be successfully reduced in developing an app. 

Given IoT technology’s dynamic nature, it enables IoT app development companies to integrate multiple components within the app, making it more interactive and innovative. These integrations and combined development efforts are benefiting the end-users. The users can enjoy a more streamlined and fluid user experience across multiple interaction points. Moreover, this combined and consolidated development is also benefiting the development projects in terms of cost and development time. With similar lead times and similar efforts earlier required to build a single app, now multiple apps can be developed. This helped app developers to reduce the cost as well as cutting down the time an app requires before being rolled out in the market.


The fact that user information is stored on the cloud and IoT application development facilitates extreme device interconnectivity; there is a higher probability of cyberattacks in identity theft and account hacks. Meaning, mobile app developers must ensure strict security protocols and encryption policies in all IoT-enabled mobile apps. 

Here are the things that help to improve the security level of your application.

  • Connectivity mode can be improved, and that will add additional security to the applications.
  • Hardware capability is crucial for developing applications. With robust hardware capability, it becomes easier to develop more secure apps.
  • With IoT based application development process, developers have to follow strict license agreements. As a result, the application gains more security.
  • Due to the Internet of Things, programming protocols are followed by the developers with perfection. As a result, the development process becomes secured. The end product will provide data security to the users.

Open Source Development

For the last couple of years open source app development has been the trend across industries. Proprietary apps with strict commercial constraints are losing popularity as open-source software and applications are becoming the norm of the day. Since open source development is also facilitating a lot of innovations and experiments, for the IoT landscape, it became tremendously popular.

Almost all major giants in the tech industry offered solutions pertaining to open source development with the vision of encouraging creativity and innovations. Since IoT is a tremendously diverse ecosystem converging multiple facets of technology, open-source technologies will have a more contentious role to play here, and mobile IOT apps are emerging as the foremost beneficiary of these technologies.

The impact of IoT on the mobile app landscape has been huge. IoT makes life simpler for not only customers but also the providers of IoT application development services. As smartphones play the role of information and control hub for all digital interactions, the IoT led innovations are likely to remain a cornerstone for mobile app developers. App developers don’t have to invest a lot of time and resources to build a mobile app and make devices more interactive and intuitive.

Integrating IoT with your business’ mobile applications can give your business the competitive edge that it needs to thrive in the dynamic market. If you wish to offer extraordinary customer service, increase engagement with your buyers, and boost sales on your mobile app––all by keeping the costs and technological capabilities in mind–– get in touch with one of Makeen’s app development experts today!

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