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Artificial intelligence and machine learning open up totally new territory for businesses. Be it a self-driving car, facial recognition, or a virtual personal assistant, AI and ML offer the opportunity to work more efficiently and serve customers faster.

Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Innovative solutions...

Machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing: if these terms sound exciting, but too abstract, we can help. Makeen experts can help you understand which AI and ML interventions will most benefit your business, and build a custom solution that uses the latest cutting-edge technology.

for modern businesses.

Our machine learning and AI solutions can swiftly improve your profit margin by automating the manual, costly, and labor-intensive parts of your business. Use AI and machine learning to optimize your supply chain decision-making process, respond to customer service requests, identify market trends, provide risk mitigation models and much more.

Improving In-App

The most successful businesses are those that are deeply intimate with their customers’ needs. Machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques will help you gain deeper insight into how users experience your app, and provide ways to adopt the design and functionality to improve the user experience. Makeen experts can make sure every dollar you invest in app development is a dollar well spent.

Optimize Delivery

The average person spends 54 hours every year sitting in traffic. That’s a huge waste of time, money, and spoiled and damaged goods that many businesses simply can’t afford.

Makeen AI and ML algorithms can help overcome these uneconomical costs with optimized planning based on time, available resources, weather, delivery points. Avoid daily route frustrations in your supply chain and improve your bottom line.

Get Deeper
Customer Insights

Text sentiment analysis provides a way to monitor and analyze online discussions about your brand. Uncover customers’ attitudes about your services or products by aggregating brand mentions across the internet.

Use AI to analyze thousands of phrases and extract the net positive or negative impression users have of your company. Make better management decisions armed with more complete knowledge.

Predict Demand

AI algorithms are as close as we can get to predicting the future. Makeen experts can deliver a machine learning solution that takes data points such as the local weather, political events, traffic, market trends, and historic performance to calculate and anticipate trends in customer demand.

Minimize risk, manage inventory efficiently, and make better decisions about product launches with our demand prediction solutions.


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