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Make more informed desicions with big data & BI solutions


Discover our range of BI & Big Data Solutions

Better insights lead to better business decisions. Our business intelligence and big data solutions give you competitive advantage that’s rooted in hard evidence, not assumptions. Take advantage of our expertise in data ingestion, data management, various analytics tools and data storage options. Makeen’s big data & BI services empower your team to make more informed decisions using rich and high-quality data, valuable KPIs, and user-friendly reporting.

Data extraction and filtering

Data can come from a wide array of sources such as real-time data, or data from databases, or even traditional flat files. We need a way to manage it so that it can be most effective for you. Our team can set up rules, standards, and procedures to extract and clean high-quality data, as well as set up automated rules and standard operating procedures for future data capture.

Robust data analytics

Our skilled developers create powerful analytical models that give your team a competitive edge. We mix descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and data science together with deep learning techniques to uncover the hidden patterns laying dormant in your data. We’ll give you access to key information and critical details that you never knew existed.

Improved Reporting & BI

See the benefits of your analytics platform in action. We’ll help your team create user-friendly reports that provide critical knowledge to influence key decisions. Elevate only the most important information to decision-makers. Your new platform will have the resources to provide you with valuable insights.

Built for your company

Our business intelligence and data analytics solutions are scalable, secure, and optimized to give you the information you need quickly. We use the latest technology and security protocols to keep your data safe.



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Mamadou Mbodji

Big Data & BI expert

Looking for a big data expert? Meet Mamadou Mbodji, a Director of Engineering at Makeen. He has vast experience in managing Big Data infrastructures and tools, getting insights and results from large portions of data quickly. He’s just one Makeen expert you could work with on your project.


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