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Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens up totally new boundaries for businesses. Be it a self driving car manufacturing, face recognition or virtual personal assistance, AI offers opportunities that were never heard of before.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We are highly experienced at what we do and know exactly what our customers want: a product with the power to increase profitability.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Having a deep history in military science and statistics, combined with philosophy, psychology and math, today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens up totally new boundaries for businesses.

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

If these terms sound exciting and promising for you but you are not sure how, when and what to use to boost your business, we at Makeen Technologies will assist you during the whole process of benefiting from our AI solutions.

AI Solutions
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Improve customer satisfaction, increased sales, and predictive analysis.

Our Machine Learning solutions will optimize your supply chain decision-making processes, define the taste of your customers, provide risk mitigation models and much more, by analyzing huge multidimensional datasets and applying intelligent algorithms.

Improving In-App Experience

Nowadays, the most successful businesses are the ones who know their customers very well. With the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques and advanced algorithms, Makeen Technologies is fully capable to ensure the investment spent on your app development will not go down.

We will help you understand all the “likes” and “dislikes” of your app, and to adopt the design and the functionality of your application based on them.

Route Optimization

With the fast growing traffic in each spot of the globe, businesses face multiple problems with transporting goods or services. These problems cause time, money, frustration, spoiled and damaged goods, complaints from the clients etc.

By using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, today we are able to defeat most of these obstacles. Optimized planning based on time, available resources, weather, delivery points will help you to stay away from daily route frustrations.

Text Sentiment Analysis

Text Analytics is the process that takes a piece of text (be it a full text document, a comment or a sentence), analyzes it through different techniques, and takes out the meaning of it. The goal of Text Analytics is to make the management decisions more valuable and to the point.

A particularly important sub-form of Text Analysis is the Sentiment Analysis. It measures the customers’ attitudes about certain services or products described in their text writings. The main magic-idea behind the Sentiment Analysis is to measure the negative or positive thoughts by giving a score to them.

Demand Prediction

According to Gartner’s research, the top pain point for businesses is the instability of the demand. Whatever we might think of, is capable of influencing the demand of customers: local weather, politics, traffic jams, thoughts of our friends etc.

Demand prediction comes to minimize and improve this situation and gives the decision-makers high accuracy for demand prediction.

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