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We help you build strong technical fundamentals for your business

We are creating a 360° view of your business based on our cutting edge AWS cloud strategy and services. Our approach is simple, your business needs are primary to us and we design our solutions specific to your business and industry needs so as to maximize your chances to win.

Business and industry specific solutions

Makeen’s cloud first approach offers a full spectrum of cutting edge cloud services to help you realize value faster and reliably grow your business. Our experts understand that cloud is not just a technology but a strategy, so our solutions integrate technology and culture to ensure your business is standing on solid grounds. Makeen’s cloud solutions optimize for cost, speed and quality. Our bespoke solutions based on our open and inclusive methodology for migrating your business to the cloud delivers quickest time-to-value in our industry.

Cloud native apps and infrastructure

At Makeen our experts understand today’s enterprise needs and the value of being highly agile, flexible and scalable. From our experience, we understand that complex, high-value applications that are critical to competitive advantage will benefit most by transforming to cloud-native. As a result, we focus on delivering fast, adaptive, continuously deployable solutions.

Platform as a service

The cloud-native PaaS based solutions on the AWS infrastructure helps our clients to innovate quickly, experiment and scale smoothly in response to business and market needs. Our cloud partners have endorsed us by including Makeen in their highly reputable Amazon Web Services partners network.

Key Technologies

Security monitoring and response

Monitor and manage your business’s cloud security efficiently and at scale using Makeen’s security solutions to effectively address evolving threats.

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