Our Process

Better insights lead to better business decisions. Our collaboration enables quick identification of where extra insights would be most useful allowing us to propose a solution to achieve your business goals. Thus, enabling the ability to make future decisions rooted in hard evidence, not assumptions.

Our team of experts will lend their expertise in data ingestion, data management as well as various analytics tools and data storage options helping you to pick the right blend to fit your situation. Makeen's Big Data & BI services empower your business to make more informed decisions providing employees to have an access to rich and high-quality data, make use of valuable KPIs and visualization experiences creating an opportunity for you to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Alignment and Understanding

    Firstly, we assist your organization in defining the route forward by looking at your current BI solution and abilities. It will aid us in providing a product that addresses your needs and meets your strategic goals. We will also collect data from key stakeholders within your organization through questionnaires and interviews. This allows us to remain compliant with internal processes, policies and standards. Finally, we will propose a data model that is at the center of your future roadmap. Our goal is rapid delivery, enabling you to take advantage of ROI, but also making a plan to support your ongoing strategy and performance.

  • Creating a Center of Excellence

    Once we have guided you with an appropriate BI solution, Makeen’s talented professionals will execute on your plan, transforming your vision into a robust center of excellence.

    Combining an array of experience acquired from many previous projects, we will put in place the best practices, methodologies, and high-quality components that will guarantee valuable, cost-effective solutions and enable ongoing success.

    Through the use of our next-generation dashboards and reporting capabilities, we will transform your data into precise insights providing you with the ability to track and analyse your performances and supporting your decision-making process.

    Finally, we integrate the working solution into your environment providing the capabilities for integration with existing BI tools enabling you to take advantage of enhanced visualization and reporting capabilities. After final configuration and integration we will provide you with the optimal ready-to-use infrastructure for your usage.

  • Final Migration and Support

    With a wealth of data in your organization and within your reach, it can be hard to know what you don't know!

    Our experts will assess relevant data, review its potential use case and take charge of the integration allowing you to focus on your core business and achieving your long-term goals.

    Finally, we will enable ongoing monitoring of your new service ensuring that it is fast, stable and available to use when you need it most.

  • Benefits

    • Expert team
    • Use of latest technology
    • Fully scalable
    • Tight security
    • Guaranteed value

We examine huge data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other business insights and provide innovative business intelligence solutions.

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