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Make your business more secure and flexible with cloud computing

Discover our range of cloud computing solutions

Transform your legacy infrastructure into one that’s agile, flexible, and scalable with Makeen’s cloud computing services. Create a digital environment for your business that meets growing demand, streamlines workflows, and increases productivity. Access your data securely from any location and increase collaboration among your team. Our cloud services enable access to internal communication and tools, data, and email using a secure internet connection on any device, regardless of location.

Upgrade your existing infrastructure

Makeen experts dive into your existing technology stack to find out more about the requirements for your new cloud environment. We take into consideration communication requirements for your customers and internal employees, as well as ways to help you save on data storage. Every solution is unique, bespoke and affordable.

Data migration and user training

We’ll work with your team to intentionally and gradually migrate vital business services to the new cloud environment, making sure that everything is still available to you during this migration phase and not disabling anything until it has passed our strict testing process. We manage the roll-out process to ensure adoption is as smooth and successful as possible. Makeen experts provide training for key employees on the new infrastructure, as well as prepare your IT team for the formal handover process, ad-hoc maintenance, and management tasks when required.

Backed by 24/7 support

We are available to offer support and monitoring of your cloud services 24/7. If you have new requirements, modifications, or additional services you’d like to integrate into your cloud solution, we’ll be happy to work to advance your cloud computing needs.



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Mamadou Mbodji

Cloud Computing expert

Looking for a cloud computing expert? Meet Mamadou Mbodji, a Director of Engineering at Makeen. Mamadou spent eight years as a programmer at Costco before joining Makeen. He is covering the whole process from assessing up to maintaining previously established secure cloud solutions. He’s just one Makeen expert you could work with on your project.


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