Our Process

Makeen's developers have extensive experience in providing successful opportunities for cloud migration.

As early adopters in cloud technology, we can transform your legacy infrastructure into one that's agile, flexible, and scalable creating a unique environment with the ability to meet your growing business demands, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

More and more applications are exploring the unique features of the cloud such as the ability to access your data from any location and increased levels of collaboration. Utilizing the cloud enables access to internal services, data, and emails via a secure internet connection on any device regardless of location.

  • Evaluation

    Our initial interactions enable us to discover your existing technology stack and find out more about the requirements for your new cloud environment. We take into consideration communication requirements for your customers and internal employees. Every solution is unique, bespoke and affordable.

    Extra data in the form of interviews with key stakeholders is also taken. This enables us to fill out potential gaps in our knowledge and can be utilized to help complete both technical, and functional requirements.

  • Implementation

    Once we have finalized the requirements, we will then review all options and propose the ideal setup to support your business in long term. We realize that a business doesn't stay the same which is why from the start, our solution can scale with the future demands of your business.

    If you are happy with our suggestions, work will then begin starting from developing your new infrastructure, migrating vital business services to take full advantage of the new environment, making sure that everything is still available to you during this migration phase and not disabling anything until it has passed our strict testing process.

    The main aim of testing is to ensure the roll-out to the wider business is as smooth, and graceful as possible. We execute key user scenarios ensuring full compatibility with any issues corrected before launching your new platform.

    Additionally, training for key employees on the new infrastructure will take place, ready for the formal handover providing key skills to your IT team that enables familiarity with the system enabling them to perform ad-hoc maintenance and management tasks when required.

  • Monitoring and Support

    Once you are up and running with your new environment, we will remain available to offer support and monitoring services enabling you to be certain that your IT infrastructure is available 24/7, optimized and able to meet the demands of your organization.

    Additionally, If you have new requirements for modifications or have extra services you'd like to integrate with your new environment, we'll be happy to provide a solution that eliminates the challenges in your business.

  • Benefits

    • Cost-effective service
    • Secure and fully managed
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Experienced professionals

Cloud Computing has completely changed the way businesses and their customers store and access data. It offers better technology with low prices that makes your business more secure and flexible.

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