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Discover our range
of Blockchain and
Crypto Solutions.

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We digitize trust with our blockchain solutions for our clients. Choose from multiple blockchain solutions to find the one that’s right for your use cases and business needs. Design and build a fully managed blockchain service, keep data in a tamper proof manner, or add tampering detection mechanisms to your Database. Makeen blockchain solutions has multiple offerings for your product.

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Change the way your
business works with
our cutting edge
blockchain solutions

We build highly scalable and secure blockchain/crypto solutions with applications in financial technology, supply chain and other industries using Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) such as Ethereum Platform Hyperledger Fabric or R3 Corda. Covering the full product development lifecycle, we specialize in early stage design and software development through product release and support across diverse industry sectors from over 10,000 person financial institutions to small and
medium sized businesses.

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Scalable, Secure and
Customized solutions

Build independent solutions

We help you not only with the ease of use to ownership of everything you want to create, but also explore the cutting edge blockchain and cloud solutions for your business providing independent ownership.

Co-create with our experts

More than 100 Makeen clients use our expertise and insights from 100+ solid tech experts to help them address three key design points: business value, technology creation and governance.

Discover new opportunities

Access new audiences with Makeen platform solutions, accelerate your path to new markets through integration with the Makeen network, and more.


Create the next big
thing with our experts

It takes more than just an innovative idea to achieve blockchain success. To help you navigate the path for success, explore our solutions to effectively start and advance your project. We specialize in developing custom software solutions scalable to your needs with expertise on every step from DApps design, development, Cryptocurrency & Tokenization, wallets, Metaverse and smart contracts and audits. Tap into proven design methodologies and composable capabilities with our quick turn around time so you can get back into the game fast! Our top priority always is functionality without
sacrificing quality.

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