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Data is now the world’s most valuable resource. Your organization generates a wealth of information every day –– and Makeen’s data analytics services can help you hardness this data to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Uncover the insights to help you forecast investments, optimize spending, predict industry trends, understand customer behavior, and anticipate market performance. Our data analytics and reporting solutions optimize your strategic planning, drive business improvements – and lead to better ROI. 

Robust reporting from the ground, up

Data can come from a wide variety of forms. We’ll create a system that takes your data in whatever shape it’s in and makes it easy to read and analyze. We’ll work with your  real-time data, stored data from databases, and even traditional flat files. In the process, our team will set up rules and policies to enable the future collection and cleaning of high-quality data to provide a solid foundation for future insights.

Powerful analytics tools

Our skilled developers will create powerful analytical models that combine descriptive analytics with predictive analytics and data science. We’ll apply deep learning techniques, to uncover hidden patterns lying dormant in your data. Our goal is to unlock key information and details about your business you never knew existed.

Make smarter decisions

We’ll introduce next-generation data models into your daily workflow, enabling users to instantly access better reporting. See the benefits of your analytics platform in action: user-friendly dashboards will be able to provide timely and critical data points for better decision-making. Get a secure data analytics solution that scales with your business.



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Fatima Syed

DA expert

Looking for a data analytics expert? Meet Fatima Syed, a Technical Project Consultant at Makeen. Fatima spent years teaching computer science and data analytics while working as a freelance software consultant. She’s a foremost expert in data analytics, doing her magic in Power BI and other tools. Fatima is just one Makeen expert you could work with on your project.

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