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Design Delights: The Hidden Value of Aesthetic Design for Digital Products

Aesthetic design is a hidden gem used to boost products. The aesthetic value of a digital product is not so easy to discover as financial or functional ones. Here are treasure map instructions for you to find it.

Land on Aesthetic Island

Aesthetics has a superpower to reveal the value and help the product succeed. According to Pauline Brown, aesthetic intelligence is a crucial element of business strategy. Boosting it in many ways will create and sustain the financial value of the product. Being a design-oriented company brings much more benefits and long-term success.

The value of aesthetics in the digital product is about delighting the user. Exploring product aesthetics is a creative process of applying aesthetic empathy and using aesthetic intelligence. It is a fantastic tool designers use to create the perfect digital product. The good news is this critical skill set of aesthetic intelligence can be learned and cultivated. Moreover, our aesthetic capacity is more than we use. The aesthetics of digital products cover a clean and intuitive layout, user-friendly and easy navigation, pleasing and joyful user experience.

Walk along Code Forest

Using brand codes while creating a digital product helps show the user a brand DNA with its philosophy and aesthetic principles. Strong visual codes have deep connections between customers and their associations, emotions, and memories. Specific hues, tints, or tones can be great brand symbols, for example, Twitter blue and Youtube red. Colors, fonts, icons, and other elements of digital products can be set as recognizable brand codes. Valuable details can create a distinct and memorable user experience with a digital product. Aesthetic brands are driven to delight customers who are touched by their products or services. Aesthetic decisions lead to richer brand and product experiences.

Head to Five Senses Caves

Delighting users means rousing their imagination through sensorial experiences. As the author of the book “Aesthetic Intelligence”, Pauline Brown points out that when the product connects with the customer on multiple sensorial levels, the seduction sets in. In appealing to the user’s senses, aesthetically rich digital products give a sensation that goes well beyond its function and offers a sense of delight. The digital product designed like a user’s delight sends a strong aesthetic message to all users.

Why do aesthetics matter? For the majority of customer’s decision-makers when choosing, buying, using a product or service it is their emotions and feelings of aesthetic joy that matter. Aesthetically crafted products with attention to the human’s senses are way ahead of their rivals on the market. Designing a digital product is not only visual elegance, it’s also how a digital product works and how it feels.

One of the most underestimated senses among modern digital products is hearing. The role of sound in digital design is important because it helps shape the user experience by communicating to one of the main human senses. Sound as the easily recognizable universal language provides users with instant feedback from a product and their interactions. Appropriate sounds can be outstanding indicators to highlight the success or failure of a user’s actions. Music can be used to create a unique product atmosphere to help users dive deeper into the product or service.

The best digital products are easy to use, simple to navigate, and hard not to enjoy. Users choose them as a “love at first sight” and get back to the products or services every time they need to achieve their goals.

The treasure is hidden inside your digital product.

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