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Makeen offers dedicated development team services and comprehensive software product development services for FinTech startups and late stage growth companies. In addition, we help engineer and deploy e-commerce and financial apps for large-scale enterprises in other industries.

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Innovative Software
Solutions Customized
To Your Needs

Makeen builds the highly-available FinTech solutions that focus on secure development, compliance, and industry regulations. Our engineers help FinTech startups and late stage growth companies to develop and deploy scalable software architectures and secure FinTech solutions. The team has delivered advanced software engineering for processing millions of transactions quickly and making it safe for banks, traders or other financial operations users with our cutting-edge solutions!

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Be Ahead Of

The financial sector is a competitive and challenging space for any business. Makeen provides dedicated development teams for the leading fintechs letting them sustain healthy growth without overspending. We help you stay focused on strategy and business development, let us do the development heavy-lifting while we provide you with the valuable insights into how new technologies could benefit your organization so you don’t end up getting left behind while others move forward with innovative ideas.

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Ensure Your Success
In The FinTech

Our experience comes from successfully helping our clients upgrade their entire FinTech platforms. While our experts refactor monolith systems into efficient microservices, our teams successfully scale solutions and substantially enhance data integrity within the FinTech platforms. We also help fintechs deploy new technologies such as blockchain, AI and cloud solutions.

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