HOLLIBLU –  Revival of a project for healthcare

The road to recovery: rescuing a now-thriving project for healthcare.

Project timing

  • Commencement: August 2019
  • Development ready: 17 Feb 2020
  • Production: 22 May 2020

The Challenge

Holliblu is a nurse workforce management and recruitment platform and online community used by over 150 companies across the USA and accessed by 2,000 nurses. Prior to engaging Makeen Technologies, Holliblu was in the development stage with an alternate company overseeing the project. Upon discovering that their provider was over-charging while creating a sub-par product, our customer sought to find a technology partner with the experience to carry their product through to fruition, and with a customer-centric ethos based on transparency and a genuine sense of care. Through a word-of-mouth referral, Makeen was referred to Holliblu and we were quickly hired to take over the project.  

The Solution

From the onset Makeen’s involvement in Holliblu went beyond the traditional provider/customer arrangement. As Holliblu was parting ways with their existing developer, the situation was delicate; source code and assets needed to be obtained without compromising the future of the project. This was handled professionally by Makeen and we were able to commence our involvement with little issue.

One of Makeen’s differentiators is our ability to smoothly enter a project at any stage of its journey. Thus, we were able to quickly ascertain what was required to continue the development of Holliblu – but with a number of changes implemented based on our customer’s requirements, and our own ideas to make it truly state of the art. After assigning a dedicated project team we collaborated with Holliblu to identify goals that would enable the successful and market-ready delivery of the product including a secure platform, strong technical foundation to enable scalability, and the integration of a subscription pricing model. From here, our solution comprised: 

  • Hiring a third party QA team to determine what fixes were required to the existing technology.
  • Full security review including the addition of a multifactor authentication (MFA) system.
  • Development of a pricing model.
  • Content updates to existing marketing pages; and
  • Idea generation around the Community component of Holliblu.

Recognizing that Holliblu were the product owners, it was important that they be across each stage of the process – and critical that their input be welcomed by the entire project team. As a company that operates with full transparency and encourages a collaborative relationship with our customers, the Holliblu team was invited to attend to our daily ‘stand-up’ meeting. After a short space of time our teams were working as one solid, collaborative unit.

Technologies Used

  • Vyoo Enterprise Platform
  • Website, backend and mobile development technology included:
    • JavaScript
    • Angular
    • io
    • js
    • js
    • PostgreSQL
    • React Native
    • Objective-c
    • Java

The Outcome

The final product was developed with the following features and functionality in place:

  • Holliblu Workforce Management and Recruitment Platform:
    • Ability for nurses to create a virtual professional profile
    • Search function connecting job seekers with employers
    • Search function showing available assignments
    • Profile-specific calendar showing accepted assignments
    • Ability to set schedules and availability
    • 24/7 recording of licenses and certifications
  • Holliblu Nursing Community
    • Ability for nurses to create a virtual profile
    • Ability for companies to create a virtual profile
    • Community forum with ability for users to interact in threads and search for jobs
    • Blog
    • Online shop

Given Holliblu was inherited from an external development team, the process of delivering the final product was as seamless as if it were Makeen’s project from the get-go. When asked how the development experience was, Holliblu said: “The communication and workflow has always been very transparent and easy to navigate…the leadership by Abdul Masri and the team he has created makes you feel that you are really cared about as a customer. They treat your company as though it were their own.”

Our relationship with Holliblu is ongoing as we continue to add value with ideas that will drive its future success, while working to optimize the existing platforms. 

Key Benefits

The Holliblu Nursing Community has enabled over 2,000 individual nurses in the US healthcare industry to network, communicate and exchange information in a highly secure, safe and social environment. The platform has been particularly useful during COVID-19, accessed regularly by nurses at the frontline of the pandemic.

The Holliblu Workforce Management and Recruitment Platform is utilized by over 150 companies, who regularly access the community to quickly connect with qualified and experienced nursing staff and fulfil both short-term and long-term nursing assignments.