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Insurance Authority Website

The Insurance Authority (IA) is the government body in the United Arab Emirates responsible for regulating and monitoring the Insurance Sector while protecting the rights of the insured. IA acquired the assistance of Makeen Technologies at an early stage of its official launch to act as a technology partner for building its IT infrastructure and all internal and external systems needed to support IA’s business. Over the past three years Makeen has successfully planned, architected, implemented, deployed, and trained IA staff on a wide range of systems, including:

  • Automated Insurance Licensing System with online payment capabilities, allowing more than 500 different insurance companies and their branches to manage their licenses and meet and comply with IA’s regulatory guidelines.
  • Complaints and Case Management System, enabling the entire population of the UAE to file complaints against the insurance companies and allowing IA to manage those cases through to resolution.
  • Project Management System, assisting in managing all of IA’s internal projects and resources.
  • Meetings Management System, assisting in managing all of IA’s internal projects and resources.
  • Meetings Management System, allowing management and board members to organize key meetings and manage outcomes of those meetings.
  • Procurement Automation System, integrated with their core ERP system to provide an online platform for external vendors to communicate with the IA procurement team, apply for listing in the IA’s vendors list and respond to RFP’s.
  • Insurance Statistics Gathering and Analysis System, facilitating all logistical financial matters related to the insurance sector and allowing companies to file their annual financial data online, then converting that data into key reports that would assist the IA in quickly evaluating the health and performance of the insurance sector.
  • Website Design and Development, launching a new identity and an online presence of the IA, including a new logo.
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