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Mobile apps that use IoT for increased efficiency, transparency & cost-savings

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IoT connects devices with each other and the internet to capture, process and share data without the need for human intervention. Makeen can transform your digital ecosystem by building a series of smart, connected products that build efficiency and automation into your critical business processes. Realize new revenue streams and harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to become more efficient and competitive.

Cutting-edge industry expertise

Makeen experts offer unbiased and up-to-date industry advice to every one of our customers. We’ll help you discover the right products, integrations, and IoT solutions to maximize potential gains. Our IoT services are designed to match your unique business with a roadmap to success. We will break down your goals into smaller milestones with a timeline for the entirety of the project.

Efficient use of resources

We begin by assessing your existing devices to learn how to best maximize your budget and transform your technology into secure, smart products. We then add IoT products and integrations as needed. Validation of your vision will then begin with a PoC (Proof of concept) to demonstrate the business advantages of our shared vision. We’ll test, iterate, optimize, and repeat until you have the right system for your business needs.

Backed by 24/7 support

Our IoT engineers can become a part of your internal IoT support network to share knowledge and industry trends as IoT evolves. If you have new requirements, modifications, or additional services you’d like to integrate into your IoT solution, we’ll be happy to work to advance your business needs.



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Mamadou Mbodji

IoT expert

Looking for a IoT expert? Meet Mamadou Mbodji, a Director of Engineering at Makeen. Mamadou knows hardware inside out, and he is able to connect all the dots to create a sustainable, secure system or platform. Being proficient in whichever technology needed he will create and manage connectivity that will improve your business significantly. He’s just one Makeen expert you could work with on your project.


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