Our Process

We define IoT as being the technology that deals with all your devices on the same network. Each one is able to capture, process and share their data and all without the need for human interaction with which the right setup can produce some unique and useful results.

From advanced image acquisition and processing via futuristic glasses to utilizing sensors to level-up parts of a production process - the use cases for this futuristic technology are endless.

Makeen’s pioneering IoT services help you leverage this new technology, unlocking the efficiency gains that the internet of things offer. By transforming your digital ecosystem and building a series of smart connected products, we help you realize new revenue streams and encourage the creation of new smart solutions. It will also harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics providing your business with the ability to become more efficient and competitive.

  • Consultation

    Makeen has a long history with creating customized and effective IoT implementations. We offer our customers unparalleled service by taking time to understand their unique needs and both short and long term goals. This helps us to consider a targeted implementation, that is specific to our customers business use case.

    Our IoT experts offer unbiased and up-to-date industry advice to help our customers discover the right products and understand the potential gains of such a system and provide them with a unique roadmap to success. We will break down the goals creating milestones and a timeline for the entirety of the project enabling you to see when the project will be completed and when you can start the roll-out to your business.

  • Transformation

    Connecting the digital world with the real world - we begin the process of assessing your existing devices and transforming them into secure and smart products providing them with new abilities that can offer, and do more.

    Additionally, we will create new products where needed. All the time closing the gaps and helping to enable the realization of your future potential. Validation of your vision will then begin with a PoC (Proof of concept) implementation enabling you to see the business advantages of our shared vision. But without the entire business having access, just yet.

  • Deploy and Support

    After gathering feedback from stakeholders across your business and tweaking the PoC, we will deploy the network and enable all your new devices allowing you to begin using your system to make your business operate smarter. Finally, our IoT engineers are ready to be part of your internal IoT support network granting you the knowledge. We will still always be available when you need us to solve any of your problems.

  • Benefits

    • Increased efficiency
    • Transparency
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Customized solutions

Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to accelerate and through improved business insights and customer experience, it is enabling successful digital transformation today.

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