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Makeen Transformed Campus Navigation For Employees And Visitors

The Challenge

A large campus can both be a blessing and a hindrance.

On the plus side, there are vast open spaces, lots of room for people to navigate around, and the potential for lots of exercise.

On the other hand, there can be navigation issues, confused staff and visitors, and a source of frustration for people trying to get around.

Of course, there can be maps available for people to use. But often these are static representations – not portable and require a constant reference.

If a person is an existing employee. Then it may be argued that they can learn the layout as they spend more time getting around. After all, that’s a major way that most people learn.

But if they’re a new employee. They haven’t spent much time on the campus before or none at all. This can be a huge problem for both the company and the employee.

With the potential of lost time spent in trying to navigate around, missed meetings and frustrating experience. The problem is very real for them.

This goes for visitors as well. Knowing the day before they need to go spend time on a large campus. Knowing that it doesn’t have the information needed to navigate around easily. Undoubtedly this would lead to a subpar experience.

This was the situation that the Top Entertainment Corp found themselves in. Having a huge sprawling campus with lots of employees and visitors each day. Each one trying to reach their preferred destination as quickly and easily as possible.

But without a way for employees or visitors to get the information they needed to navigate. This was causing massive problems for everyone involved. Their current model of reference for people trying to get around was not working leading to frustration and confusion amongst their workforce.

The Top Entertainment Corp needed to find a solution.

The Solution

With Makeen Technology’s reputation for providing high-quality digital solutions as well as our experience in collaborating with companies from a detailed selection of industries, we were best placed to help find the kind of solution that The Top Entertainment Corp needed.

When we were approached by The Top Entertainment Corp, we wanted to ensure that we provided their users with an experience that made their day-to-day lives a little easier, as well as empowering them with the information they needed to make better navigation choices.

Taking the time to deeply understand and analyze their unique user problem, we considered all the options open to us. Successfully proposing a cost-effective solution which used the right technology, one that would solve The Top Entertainment Corp’s problem and provide a great user experience.

Wanting to design and develop a cross-platform application for their users, we opted to build a mobile application that provided navigation instructions, no matter the mobile device that users chose to run it on. Enabling their users to not have to worry about the platform of their device to navigate around with success.

Once a user has acquired our application, they would be able to see a functional map of the campus. Making the app provide its users with a sense of familiarity as well as being able to visually understand their current location.

After selecting between the various destinations on the campus and choosing their preferred one, the app then calculates the quickest route and provides the user with detailed and accurate directions that are always up to date.

Covering various modes of transportation including walking and driving directions. The app that we designed and developed for The Top Entertainment Corp provides a rich and immersive experience for their users.

With the application being always with the user on their mobile device, they can always have instant access having the ability to plan their next journey to their preferred destination, without confusion.

The Outcome

The goal of this project was to produce a tool that reduced confusion, elevated frustration and provided a great navigation experience.

Makeen was successful in all those areas.

Makeen’s application gives users the information they need when they need it most. Providing an intuitive way to retrieve needed travel directions whatever mode of transportation they choose to take.

New employees and visitors, now only need to get our application and instantly, be able to navigate the campus – frustration free. Not having to worry about missing meetings or being unsure how to get around. All the information they need is always with them.

Makeen’s solution has provided all users with a powerful resource that can be referenced whenever they need it most.

Key Benefits

  • A highly convenient and immersive internal tool that reduced travel times
  • Higher employee and visitor engagement
  • Cross-platform application
  • Provides detailed information
  • Users can receive navigation instructions using various modes of transportation

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