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Member Online Scheduling


The Top Retailer’s service centers were using up to 5% of total work time dealing with scheduling issues that could’ve been avoided with a calendar solution that was exposed to all employees and members. Makeen’s Member Online Scheduling solution did just that and incorporated a user-friendly interface that allowed members to easily create, update, and distribute entire schedules in minutes. This frontend solution was easily integrated with The Top Retailer’s existing calendar system, and gave employees the opportunity to better anticipate supply and demand based on member scheduling trends, as well as significantly save time by eliminating scheduling mishaps and member unpredictability. 


The Top Retailer was using a Google Calendar previously that customers were not able to access, and the process of scheduling was for members to call in service departments and make an appointment. The company was experiencing big scheduling burdens, and the process of making and rescheduling appointments was taking up a whole 5% of an associate’s day. 


Makeen created a front-end solution that allows customers to schedule on a particular department’s Google calendar based on employee-set configurations. The Member Online Scheduling solution was easily integrated with The Top Retailer’s existing calendar system, and increased schedule predictability and decreased common scheduling mishaps. 

This scheduling system also gives service centers a timeline report that allows them to make better decisions about their availability, open hours and to predict customer behaviors. For instance, by looking at the scheduling trends the company can make decisions about being open for 8 hours based on the amount of traffic they usually receive, instead of 12 hours. Service members have an easier time predicting supply and demand. 

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