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How MGC Civil could manage its costs and workforce efficiency?


Established in 2006, MGC Civil is a well-known provider of civil construction, underground services, earthworks and demolition services. It specializes in the delivery of Green Title and Strata lot subdivisions. With a full suite of services to offer, MGC Civil offers its clients the convenience of dealing with a single contractor as well as considerable time and cost savings.

Since day one, MGC Civil has created a strong customer-centric corporate culture. In addition to instilling its highly-skilled team with ethical behavior, it adheres to proactive project delivery strategies. As a result, the Perth-based construction company has thrived in both size and revenue over the past decade.

As a company which takes pride in innovation, MGC Civil is constantly adopting new approaches both on the field and in the office. This approach has helped it win numerous major contracts, whereas its staff was recognized individually by awards such as the Quality Award from Broad Construction – Excellence in Building.

The Problem

MGC Civil is no stranger to mobile forms. However, it required professionally-designed forms which incorporated business logic to collect actionable data. Moreover, the company wanted to improve several aspects of its operations, mainly tracking both daily production and labor. That way, it could manage costs better on-site while ensuring timely deliverables and workforce efficiency.

The Solution

Using makeen transform forms, our skilled form designers created an app which streamlined MGC Civil’s day-to-day operations. The app featured seven forms which captured daily production data, mainly on-site daily labor, daily machinery, and daily load sheet.

In addition to providing daily statuses via mobile forms, supervisors could update the central database in real-time with the names of suppliers, machinery IDs, and other project success factors. These lists could also be refreshed in the app to retrieve the latest additions to the database. This streamlined communication, especially on remote sites where signal issues prevent phone calls.

The Result

The new mobile forms from makeen transform effectively captured data for daily production. They also allowed the back office to track the individual project productivity of everyone working. The forms recorded the start and finish times of each employee, improving the tracking of project hours spent, and helping generate payroll more accurately.

Site-based activity costs were also effectively managed. Through the supervisor’s daily diary and purchase order request forms, costs were matched accurately to project activities. This reduced the burden on supervisors as well as MGC Civil’s finance department.

In addition to these costs, the shift to makeen transform helped MGC Civil save around US$32,960 in 2018. With double the submissions in just the first half of 2019, we are proud to have helped the company save US$52,240.

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