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Makeen is a top mobile app Development Company in USA & developing mobile apps that are highly engaging, secure, robust and reliable for your business to achieve long term success

We aren’t just app developers we’re product builders


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We don’t just develop mobile apps – we design highly engaging interfaces that are beautiful to look at and thrilling to experience. When we sign on to your app project, we won’t just provide our technical expertise. We’ll create a strategy that ensures the long-term success and viability of your final product. At Makeen, we’re product builders, not just app developers.

Explore, Evaluate, Experiment

Before we write a single line of code, we dive deep into your goals to understand your business, project objectives, and budget. We spend time up front performing market research, honing our strategy, recommending technology, and setting a baseline for business impact. We deliver a proof of concept as well as a go-to-market strategy. We envision how your app will fit into your existing business ecosystem.

Define – Design Visualize

Our UX/UI team thrives on creating an emotional connection between the user and your app to drive repeat use and high levels of engagement. We’ll spend time developing the UX/UI design of your app, as well as the brand identity and visual style. Then, our front- and back-end mobile app developers take the wireframes to build product iterations, test, add security, and create beautiful, robust, reliable and secure apps for iOS and Android.

Predict Demand

AI algorithms are as close as we can get to predicting the future. Makeen experts can deliver a machine learning solution that takes data points such as the local weather, political events, traffic, market trends, and historic performance to calculate and anticipate trends in customer demand.

Minimize risk, manage inventory efficiently, and make better decisions about product launches with our demand prediction solutions.


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Oleg Filimonov

React Native Developer

Looking for an expert in mobile apps development? Meet Oleg Filimonov, a React Native Developer and expert in native Android development. He has hands-on, in-depth experience covering every aspect of creating an Android or iOS application. Oleg is a specialist in everything from development, testing, publishing, and support. He’s just one of the Makeen software engineers you could work with on your project.


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