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OncoGenex: Employee Performance Evaluation


Makeen Technologies developed and implemented an easy, intuitive way for OncoGenex managers and employees to evaluate each other’s performance in a systematic way within the OncoGenex Intranet Portal with oversight from the Human Resources Department. Makeen was chosen for the task given the emphasis on usability and user experience over the competition which represented great value to OncoGenex and the success of the project.

The Challenge

OncoGenex needed a secure and easy way to conduct their performance evaluations of employees and managers throughout the company. The main purpose of the project was to have each employee and manager evaluate each other, to have them sit down and discuss it, and to improve the workflow and quality of each of their duties. One of the biggest constraints was that with OncoGenex being a listed company (NASDAQ: OGXI) they had some legal obligations to respect, and the workflow was very complex.

The Design/Concept

The overall vision of the project by Makeen Technologies was to minimize the training, need for support, and overhead while maximizing the usability and user experience. Each user should be able to get ‘right to the point’ by seeing straight and concise information. The thinking was that each individual should have their own very specific actions to view with the exact information on what needs to be done. In this way each individual can always see their tasks and the process would be simplified and easy to follow.

Implementation & Delivery

The system that was implemented is very centralized to the company, it’s digital, and all records and copies are kept within the system. Additionally, it is also centralized in a way that the HR department has complete control over the process, and can trigger events while having broader control over what is happening. For instance, they can inform people from central admin, and they can review the process and what is happening currently.

The evaluations are triggered by HR and will automatically send each employee the link to their own yearly performance form to fill out. The employee then writes their own view on how they performed on each of the predetermined core values and explains their views while also having the option to summarize their yearly performance. Once completed, the form is submitted to the line manager who will review what the employee wrote and may ask for a reevaluation if necessary. Once the line manager has received the fully completed document they review it while summarizing their own understanding and view on the employee’s yearly performance based on the same core values. At this stage it is sent to the HR Department for fairness review before being submitted back to the line manager who can no longer make changes. Once this process has been completed the line manager will submit the completed evaluation to the employee and request a face-to-face meeting where they will ultimately sign off on it and lock it in the system.

The overall result is that it allows them to achieve their goals in a timely manner while everyone is receiving notifications and reminders automatically all over the intranet portal. Performance evaluation is now significantly quicker than the previous method used while using less man-power, therefore channeling their activity and ultimately reducing costs.


As the primary portal for OncoGenex was built on Microsoft SharePoint it was also leveraged in the Employee Performance Evaluation making it seamlessly integrated. Additionally, Makeen used a variety of other tools including JavaScript and other web-based technologies to make it snappy and visually intuitive.


The Employee Performance Evaluation System has been completed and has since seen many reviews. OncoGenex is highly satisfied with the system and can now complete a full review process in less than 6 weeks.

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