Our Services

Have an idea for a new product, but aren't sure about the right solution?

Our experts will work with you to create that next-generation product and bring it to market even if you don't have the resources to complete your project.

Our developers and designers will collaborate with your internal teams and together we will create something awesome.

Discover more about some of our offerings below and the immediate value they can deliver to you.

  • AI & ML

    Artificial Intelligence opens new boundaries for businesses. Be it a self-driving car manufacturing or face recognition, AI offers unheard opportunities.

  • Analytics

    Data is a vital tool that can help your business overcome new challenges and similarly, find new markets. From important details about the latest industry trends to insights about your customer's behaviors and patterns data can mean all the difference between your business success and failure.

  • Big Data & AI

    Our Big Data services aid your business in unlocking key insights allowing you to focus on taking valuable decisions. From launching successful products to enabling unique experiences for your customers, Makeen's Big Data & BI services take your data to the next level.

  • Cloud Computing

    Developing solutions that take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing generally creates complexity, and difficult challenges to overcome. While moving to the cloud can offer unparalleled levels of flexibility and added security, not to mention the cost savings, many companies struggle to get their feet wet. We can definitely help you in this area with our team of experts.

  • IoT

    From using the benefits of automated processes to improving safety in the workplace the need to do things generally better, faster, and with less human interaction is ever-increasing. One way in which we have been able to achieve this is by using a technology known as the internet of things (IoT). We specialize in creating mobile apps that use IoT and solve real world business problems.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile devices have moved from being just communication tools into highly demanded business apparatuses. Mobile Apps and their large usage among us, changed the way businesses operate.

  • UI & UX

    The effectiveness of your product is dependent on one key factor - the experience that you provide to your end-users, for all the right reasons. If you're creating a website or an application, it is essential to ensure that the UI/UX is pleasant and easy to digest for the end-user. Creating a rewarding and memorable experience can mean the distinct difference between product failure, and ultimate success.

  • Web Applications

    Web applications support business in various ways allowing internal stakeholders to make mission-critical decisions and provide customers with rich and valuable experiences. We have extensive experience in building modern web applications that can solve pain points in your business.