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Pioneer Natural Resources

The Problem

This fracking company was manually managing all of their equipment information through a complex Excel document, the same excel was utilized to track inventory, track fleets daily work, do the units allocations, history tracking, team collaboration, and also to report critical information to the management and the decision-makers.

The team was frustrated by the limitations and hassles involved with updating, sharing and managing information within the internal systems and their teams.

Our approach

We first collected and analyzed the requirements in an initial assessment, then developed a requirements document and backlog where with them we proposed enhancements to their processes of interacting with the equipment information, and defined the system features for them in a way that meets all of their business needs efficiently and effectively.

We translated the backlog stories and ideas to comprehensive end user experience designs, reviewed them with the product owners and end-users to get their feedback as soon as possible before waiting for a single line of code to be written. This gave the client a way to see the final system right away and also gave the client the chance to easily make changes.

We worked with the development team to break down the stories, estimate the work needed to complete each one, gave them story points and defined all the action items and tasks to make sure they are fully covered.

Worked with the client to break down the project timeline and sprints, and to prioritize the deliverables each phase to ship and derive the sprints work.

Having such exercise with our client gave them the transparency they deserve and helped them allocate the user acceptance team members only when needed.

Our solution and end results

The result was a seamless collaboration between all the end-users, live up-to-date reporting to all branches of management, and an easy way to share reports and results with the right people. Most importantly, this new system will have increased flexibility to expand and scale the work where Pioneer will be able to add and manage new locations, fleets, equipment, maintenance orders to the system at the click of a button. 

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