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Reasons to Consider React Native for Your Next Mobile Application Development

When you plan to invest in a mobile app for your business and get in touch with a development team, the very first question for the developers is usually the platform and tooling. More exceptional performance, quick development cycle, and faster deployment is something every business owner is expecting. Mobile app developers retrospectively had to compromise for either a faster development cycle or better user experience. Not anymore … hybrid app frameworks have been evolving to balance the development cycle and user experience. React Native has become one of the most prominent names to create complex hybrid apps delivering native user experiences owing to its advanced features and ability to dive into native on each platform it is used upon.

What is React Native?

React Native was a result of a Facebook sponsored hackathon back in 2015. A group of developers was challenged by Facebook to create a framework that could make mobile application development quicker, easier and cost-effective. It is still developed and maintained by Facebook.

React Native is a free and open-source library to create iOS and Android apps with native UI and UX. It has gained quick popularity as a framework basically because of its component-based modular approach to app development that allows a React Native app development company to reuse the code for building apps across multiple platforms. Despite the cross-platform hybrid development approach, the apps built using React Native offers an identical or similar user experience to apps built using Swift for iOS or Java for Android.

Why React Native for Your Mobile App?

Code reusability

The most obvious reason React Native is such a preference for app developers is that cross-platform development works like a charm using this framework. The ability to develop for both the major mobile operating systems, Android & iOS, with just a single development language is what originally attracted developers to adopt this. React Native maximizes code reuse; so, you can use the same code for deployment on Android and iOS. Based on insights from some developers, up to 80-90% of an app’s code can be reused between the two platforms. Developing two native applications with just a single codebase saves developers a lot of development time and effort, and that’s not to mention the huge savings in cost as well.

Improved UI & UX

While functionality is crucial for any app, a catchy and friendly UI & UX are equally essential for any modern app to successfully achieve its base goals for a business. React Native is a mobile-first platform, particularly designed keeping in view the mobile user experience. This special focus on usability makes a considerable difference for end-users. 

High performance and speed

If React Native is being used for building apps on multiple mobile platforms and the web, it ensures delivering considerably staggering performance and speed that can only be expected by a native app or Flutter which is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google . React Native is light, exceptionally speedy to work with, and does not consume too many resources. The hot reloading feature of React Native massively assists the developers with a live preview of the code and its actual impact while coding the app. This helps developers to do away with coding errors.

Although at the moment, React Native cannot be classified as an all-inclusive solution, it has proven its worth in being proficient for a range of uses and applications. It can be a preference when developing B2B applications, software used for internal company processes, apps containing forms, or those with dynamically generated views.  The likes of Tesla, Airbnb, Instagram, Walmart, Wix, and Bloomberg are making extensive use of React Native framework to gain a competitive edge over the market.

If your business requires an app that needs to be developed quickly and cost-efficiently, Makeen’s team of expert app developers can assist you with a React Native based solution.

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