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Makeen Mobile Apps Improved Shopping Experience In Top Retailer

Key Benefits

  • Customers now can check out quickly. No matter what they are purchasing.
  • The Top Retailer no longer has to worry about long queues forming.
  • Customers now have a much more enjoyable shopping experience.
  • The Top Retailer now can turn every lengthy checkout line into an express lane.
  • All types of customers are now able to achieve a smooth shopping experience.

The Challenge

The Top Retailer has a vast amount of items in their store and a diverse selection of customer types to serve them to. From business wanting to buy multiple items in bulk, large families out to buy their weekly shop and even those individuals who only need to stock up on a few items.

No matter what their individual needs, The Top Retailer can provide the items they need.

However, with many customers using The Top Retailer daily, this puts a huge demand at the checkout lines and operators, and an even bigger strain on  customer’s patience.

With no express lanes available for customers for use. The result was that every type of customer, no matter the number of the transactions they needed to make. Had to use the same checkout line as everybody else to make their purchases.

And for an individual with only a few items. Finding themselves behind a large family, for example. With the need for each item on the conveyor belt to be scanned before serving the next customer. This resulted in long waits and even longer queues to form behind the customers.

Ultimately, this provided customers with an unpleasant experience. And a nightmare for The Top Retailer.

With customers spending more of their time queuing up to buy their items than they had spent trying to find what they want to buy. The Top Retailer, was getting a reputation for their long lines.

But without express lanes for customers to use for processing their purchases. There was no easy answer for those with easy transactions to make.

The current method for customers wanting to check out was causing massive problems. It was inefficient, a cause of problems for customers. And needed to be solved.

Customers were not enjoying their shopping experience. The Top Retailer wanted to find a solution that resolved their issues with long wait times. But also ensured that they provided their customers with an enhanced shopping experience. Meaning they could get and out of the store easily to go about their day stress-free.

The Solution

Makeen worked with The Top Retailer and helped them find the right solution. With several parameters to work within and take into consideration. The Top Retailer needed a product easy for customers to use. Provided a valuable user experience. And enabled faster checkout times for all of their customers.

With our years of expertise in building solutions for several industries. We already had the basis of the solution thought out. But we wanted to ensure that any solution was a tailored fit to meet The Top Retailer’s unique needs.

After testing the technology options available to use. We could propose a solution that was cost-effective and enabled The Top Retailer to adopt the right product for their requirements.

Using that latest in mobile frameworks, software programming and custom hardware. Makeen developed a robust mobile solution that could be used by The Top Retailer’s customers with ease.

Complete with an RFID hardware solution. Customers would now have the ability to scan their items while they waited in line. Unburdening the checkout operators. Who would otherwise, be needed to perform their scanning of customers items.

Instead, they would be presented with a receipt. Which customers would previously print out themselves with the use of a wireless Bluetooth printer.

Presenting it to the checkout operator. This promotes quick and easy payment from the customer. But it provides the bonus of customers being able to leave the store quicker than before. Enabling them to enjoy the rest of their day. Stress-free.

This effectively creates the opportunity for every checkout line to be transformed into an express lane. Meaning that the days of long lines for customers are now a thing of the past.

The result that Makeen has provided The Top Retailer successfully delivers on their needs. Providing value to The Top Retailer. And gives their customers a modern and faster shopping experience.

The Outcome

Makeen’s solution has enabled faster processing times at The Top Retailer’s stores.

Enabling customers of all types the ability to get in and out of the store. Without the need of waiting in line for a customer with larger amounts of items to be processed by the checkout operator.

By providing customers with the ability to prescan their items. This has empowered customers with the ability to control how long they spend in the store. And be in control of their own shopping experience.

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