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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

According to some estimates, the AI in the healthcare market is expected to reach $15.96 billion by 2024.

Healthcare has always been a field where cutting-edge technology can have a huge impact. Recent advancements in science and technology have brought us closer to a world where virtually any illness can be cured. But, we are still far from realizing that dream – as evidenced by our current global health pandemic.

AI presents a promising development in the fight against diseases and other health conditions. Here are some ways artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

  1. Pre-Diagnosis

When we visit a doctor, the doctor does not just listen to our symptoms and then give us a prescription. He or she makes sure to  diagnose our illness before coming up with a conclusion. At this stage, pre-diagnosis,  AI comes into play.

AI can assist doctors in making a proper diagnosis for patients. AI can not only help in the diagnosis, but also in improving the process of diagnosis and its accuracy. A lot of research has already been done into this type of intervention. IBM’s Watson Health has been working on using AI to help  doctors properly diagnose patients. It can easily detect patterns from patient history  and triangulate this history with  research on a disease and research done by the doctors in the field of medicine. This has helped give  doctors the timely, useful knowledge to catch diseases before they get worse.

  1. Prevention

When we talk about AI, the first thing that comes to our mind is robots and artificial intelligence taking over the world. But, in reality, AI can be used to prevent deaths by tracking the medical data of patients. This information gives doctors a road map to help prevent disease, recommend lifestyle changes to improve patient health, and to vaccinate certain populations when needed.

  1. Surgery

AI can be used in medical surgeries, assisting doctors who perform surgeries that require a lot of precision.  For instance, a university medical center in the Netherlands used an AI-assisted robot to suture small blood vessels – some no bigger than 0.03 millimetres. The possibility using AI to offer surgical interventions not possible with the human hand opens up a whole new realm of medicine.

  1. Discover Life-Saving Drugs

In order to cure the diseases, the cure has to be found first. In this regard, AI can be used to find the cure for the diseases that have not yet been cured. AI’s ability to analyze data quickly and uncover hidden trends can help doctors in finding out what the particular disease is, leading researchers to find a cure and use AI to test it quickly.

  1. Quality of Service

A good quality of service is very important when we are talking about medical care. The quality of service that the doctors provide will make the patients feel that they are safe in the hands of the doctor. In order to ensure that, AI can be used to keep a check on the performance of the doctors. It will help in making sure that the doctors are following the right protocol and providing the best of their knowledge to the patients.

  1. Medication Tracking

AI can track the prescription each patient is on, and ensure that medication tapering goes smoothly  if needed. It can also be used as a safety precaution, helping make sure a patient is not being prescribed the wrong medicine.

Artificial Intelligence For Healthcare

AI promises to play a significant role in the healthcare industry in the coming years. With the development of better algorithms and advancement in technology, we will be able to see the benefits of AI through more effective treatment and better quality of care for patients.

Makeen has already begun exploring the potential applications of AI in the healthcare industry with the development of a social networking platform for nurses, “HOLLIBLU”. We understand that nurses selflessly give their best, treating the patients with commitment, warmth, and empathy. They are so giving, never expecting anything in return.

We appreciate everything they do for us, which is why we built HOLLIBLU— a social networking platform to connect nurses, foster professional development, provide support for one another, and restore their passion for nursing. The AI-based recommendations within the platform provide nurses with social connections based on location, interest, and career goals. With HOLLIBLU, nurses can restore their passion for nursing and feel supported by making new connections and exploring nurse inspired blogs, forums and events. HOLLIBLU is not just an app, it’s a lifestyle. We make nurses life easier!

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