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The Makeen Difference—4 Benefits of Working with Us

There are numerous benefits to working with a skilled and resourceful development company. Already, you might be thinking that the most obvious result is that you receive a functional product according to your unique specifications and vision. That’s true, but what other benefits can you imagine for working with a development company such as Makeen?

As a C-suite executive or VP, you know that big firms are expensive. There is also a limited relationship of support that you get in exchange for your investment in these big firms. On the other hand, smaller firms offer fewer skills and less experience which may not suit the needs of your customers to have the perfect end solution.

This is where Makeen fills a gap and brings a unique approach to development that opens up many benefits to those that hire them. Makeen works with your organization as an extension of its resources, budget, skills, and vision, and it empowers you to enjoy these four primary benefits:

1.Increased Problem-Solving Resources

It’s so true that most companies lack the resources to solve their customer’s problems. In addition to that, they may even lack the resources to address their own problems by lacking the skills to create technologies internally. There is a great divide between what a company wants to solve and the resources it has to actually solve it.

Makeen fills this skill gap that so many companies face. It brings all the necessary skills through a network of developers that can deploy solutions rapidly. Moreover, it brings extensive libraries that keep its products and solutions at their cutting edge.

2.Reduced Development Costs

Many companies also face a gap in their budgets for developing and building products that meet customer demands. It’s true that internal teams of highly-skilled developers with access to the right resources and libraries don’t come cheaply. These teams are not only expensive; they can even stress budgets year-round even though they are needed only for short periods of development time.

Makeen comes in and solves this problem. It makes sense for companies to hire them for the time required to build the product alone, significantly reducing the time and resources needed to create a stunning solution to customer needs.

3.Improved Customer Experience

Unfortunately, there are still many companies that have developed apps that depend largely on a legacy back-end. These legacy systems are unreliable and problematic. In order to provide a better experience to customers and their employees, companies are faced with the challenge to rebuild from the ground up while remaining cost-effective and using its existing skill pool.

Makeen knows its way around. Makeen is highly experienced in working with these challenging legacy systems. Makeen makes it possible for companies to increase customer satisfaction by integrating these systems with new technology.

4.Quickened Deployment of Products

Companies are stressed about their skill pool deficits, their lack of internal resources, and their reliance on buggy, old technology. Finally, companies are too often faced with a time crunch when it comes to developing the perfect product for their users. More and more, the user or customer demands solutions now, and they will not wait for a young or enterprise company to get a grip on its development.

Makeen significantly reduces the time needed to build a development team because it gets started right away. Through working with a network of developers and libraries that are ready to go, clients enjoy full products in a fraction of the time.

Development of the Future

Development of apps, solutions, and products is quickly becoming a key aspect of many industries from entertainment to retail and energy. Our new era of technology will be dominated and determined by those companies who are able to quickly and easily deploy these solutions for their customers. Makeen is one of those companies that can help your business rise to this demanding challenge.

Develop a solution for your customers, cut down costs, and speed up delivery. Reach out to Makeen, a development firm designed for the future.

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