Our Process

Users are more likely to interact with content incorporating pleasing interface. A seamless user experience enables higher productivity, introduces lower costs, fewer errors and equally important, greater satisfaction.

Our team of designers have brought to life the visions of Fortune 500 companies. Applications and scalable software products that we have been lucky to contribute towards include intuitive structure and eye-catching visuals.

In order to enable this, Makeen's provides a dedicated team that integrates with your existing resources. They are there to provide support when you need it and above all ensuring that the final product you receive aligns with our own high-quality standards.

Our effective UI/UX development services have contributed to many successful implementations enabling popular design solutions that help improve user interaction regardless if you need a short term fix or have a long-term strategy in mind.

By humanizing the design process, we take into account your user's needs to enable us to create a bespoke solution - one that delivers meaningful and relevant experiences and provides you with better performance and most importantly, higher levels of engagement.

  • Research and Wireframing

    We start by taking a user-centric approach asking questions like, "Who are your customers, and what are the potential challenges they face?" Asking these sorts of questions helps aid our overall design process ensuring that we can provide a personalized product and one that enables above all, smooth and efficient workflows.

    Our focus then shifts to molding the answers into an initial design concept. In essence, this is a representative design of how we imagine the final product will look like.

    Presenting this to you with the intention of receiving constructive feedback, adjustments are then made in an iterative process, which continues until we reach a design that is just right enabling you to receive a tailored and attractive user experience.

    The overall goal at the end of the process is to have a design concept that influences our future activities.

  • Design and Digital Transformation

    Using the latest software and graphic design tools available, we will transform your agreed concept into a digital prototype and give you the ability to view your design in a way that is as close to the end product as possible.

    But still with the ability to suggest design revisions for us to action at this stage in the process. You may want to introduce your new designs to a selection of your customers, enabling the ability to receive important feedback, as well as real-world suggestions.

  • Final Adoption

    The final step is dedicated to integrating the final design into your digital product providing you with a slick platform that users will love to engage with and aid you in achieving your strategic results.

  • Benefits

    • Global team
    • Personalized service
    • Cost-effective
    • Customized design
    • Transparent

UI/UX design emphasizes user satisfaction and pleasure, which plays a critical role in business success and in building brand value and reputation.

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