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Using big data to solve big problems with the energy market

The Challenge

Schneider Electric is a 170-year-old, global specialist in energy management solutions. With an emphasis on real-time automation, they combine the latest technology practices into their integrated services enabling them to provide energy solutions to a wide number of their customers, whether it is an individual home, business, or even whole industries and infrastructure.

With a customer base that has a global reach and thousands of properties Schneider Electric is able to provide customers with the energy solutions they need.

But without a way to measure current energy usage, being able to provide customers with targeted energy services was not possible with their current capabilities.

Not having access to the energy consumption patterns for their existing buildings, it was impossible for them to realize further market opportunities such as managing energy efficiency with component upgrades or additional services.

Additionally, if they wanted to predict a customer’s usage into the future and provide the energy-saving solutions they needed it would be impossible to offer such services with the current data.

They needed a way to collect and understand their current energy usage. Thus, enabling the opportunity to predict future usage needs, maximizing their energy efficiencies and the possibility of offering new next-generation services.

Being able to collect and analyse this data would give them a competitive edge, opening up new markets for the company, and new opportunities to provide their specialist services.

Additionally, it would power their ability to create advanced products, the kind they needed to keep them at the forefront of the global market.

The Solution

Recognizing our industry experience and our ability to deliver successful big data solutions, Schneider called upon Makeen Technologies to collaborate with them. They had a need to create a product that enabled them not only to understand their current data, but also provided them with the ability to deliver on their future energy-saving ambitions. 

Creating a road map of what was needed, Makeen Technologies were able to share a visible pathway that would enable us to create a successful solution.

Identifying the critical data which needed to be collected by the company Makeen proposed to collect data from electronic appliances in their buildings – data from heating units, water heaters, lights, and other appliances. These would all be utilized to build a picture of the current energy usage.

But before that could be done, Makeen Technologies needed to create the infrastructure required to store all the data, and that’s exactly what we did.

Ensuring it was fast, easy to use and integrated with Schneider Electric’s internal systems, we created a platform that allowed us to feed in all the real-time data enabling up-to-date evaluation of the current energy usage, plus ensuring that the latest data is always ready for evaluation.

Makeen Technologies then defined and developed a big data infrastructure to store all of their data, ensuring it was fast and easy to use and integrated into their existing internal network.

Developing an advanced predictive model that integrated with the new big data infrastructure, Makeen Technologies was able to successfully feed in real-time data from heating units, water heaters, lights, and other appliances. With the predictive model being consistently updated based on the latest data, Schneider Electric now had a way to analyse the data on current usage as well as accurate future predictions, at any time of the year.

With the ability to analyse current and future data Schneider Electric now has the ability to use the solution provided by Makeen Technologies to lead them to create successful energy-saving solutions, maximize current levels of energy usage, predict future levels of usage and design and develop energy-efficient components for their buildings.

The Outcome

Being able to view current and future usage predictions have been a game-changer for the company.

Having the ability to view real-time energy usage within their network of buildings and predict their future energy needs, they are now able to identify credible opportunities for energy savings, maximize efficiencies in future buildings by designing and locating electrical components – all of which can be based on predicted energy consumption. 

By ensuring designs for future buildings are as energy-efficient as possible, they now have the ability to develop new energy-saving technology that are designed around facts, not hunches.

The solution provided by Makeen Technologies has empowered Schneider Electric with the abilities to stay ahead of their customers with the technical solutions they needed a critical success factor for Makeen Technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Energy usage can now be predicted using real-time data

  • A big data infrastructure housing data flowing in 24/7 from various devices are available for analysis

  • A predictive model enabling Schneider to understand their current and future energy requirements has been created

  • Opens up the possibility for new services to their customers based on real-time data


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