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1. Define features & functions that constitute the scope of the product

2. Define functional specifications

3. Define content requirements

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User Researches

A great product experience starts with a good understanding of the users. UX design team wants to know who users are, their needs, fears, motivations, & behavior.





Personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a product in a similar way. The purpose of personas is to create reliable and realistic representations of the key audience segments for reference.

User Journey Map

The user journey map is a visual representation that illustrates user flow within a product/service, which helps understand the product/service interactions from users’ point of view.

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Product Architecture Map

The product architecture map shows the hierarchy and navigation structure of a product. It serves to show how the content will be organized into screens or sections and how the user may transition between them.




A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the page structure. Wireframing acts as the backbone of the product — we often use them as the skeletons for mockups.

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Build a High-Fidelity
Interface Design

Build an inspiration board to learn about the visual world and gather inspiration from other products.

Develop a design system: A design system is the single source of truth that groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realize, and develop a product.

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Branding: Branding is essential in the user interface, especially when you want to use the interface to engage customers and increase brand awareness.

Interaction design: At this stage, we create a simulation of the product using clickable prototypes. They can include basic or custom micro-interactions.


Export Design to
the Developers

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User Testing

Once the design team has iterated the product to the point where it’s usable, we test it with the product team. This is a great low-cost validation technique.

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User testing sessions

User testing sessions validate a design based on tests with real users. User testing sessions take different forms: some of the most popular are usability testing, focus groups, beta testing, A/B testing, and surveys.

Metrics analysis

We look at the data provided by an analytics tool to learn how a user interacts with your product: we track metrics such as clicks, navigation time, and search queries. Metrics can also “uncover the unexpected”, surfacing behaviors that are not explicit in user tests.

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User feedback

We look at feedback data from support tickets, bug reports, and other analytics to drive product refinement.


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