VYOO: Taking social networking offline

Project Timeline

·        Start: July 2018

·        Launch: July 2020

The Challenge

In an era exploding with technological advancements, dizzyingly fast internet speeds, and social media – human beings have never been more distant.

The minds behind Vyoo recognized a need to revolutionize how we interact with one another and bring human-to-human connection back into the real world again. Our goal was  to create a product that would facilitate face-to-face meetings between like-minded individuals – translating online communication into offline, community-building relationships. 

The challenge was clear: how do you create a platform that sparks online interaction, but then move those relationships offline? What mechanisms are needed to foster virtual connections that can grow into meaningful social interactions? What are the ways we can  seamlessly link  the digital world to the one we live and breathe in? 

The Solution

The notion of downloading an app and using it to connect with others isn’t new – but what these apps typically focus on are casual or romantic meetups rather than platonic, business-to-business connections. 

Vyoo’s goal was to support the latter. We created a tailored, networked community for users based on their goals, interests, location and profile. We took characteristics that connect people in the real world – hobbies, professional experience, networking objectives – and made those characteristics the vehicle through which members could connect with others. Our platform’s “suggested connections” feature linked members with shared interests, and then offered events, nearby restaurants, discussion boards, and meetups where those conversations could move offline.

Makeen was engaged to support Vyoo in reaching this goal, and after initial briefings and discussions it was agreed that the best way forward was to develop a mobile app solution for both iOS and Android platforms.

Technologies Used

·        React Native (Frontend)

·        NodeJS, MongoDB, Kibana and Elasticsearch (Backend)

·        AWS, JIRA, Sentry, GIT and GITHUB tools

The Outcome

Vyoo achieved its goal in providing a dynamic experience for its users and has successfully enabled individuals to form meaningful connections with communities and extend these connections into the real world. Key features available to users include:

–        Ability to connect with people with the same interests and goals, and filter them by age, gender and distance. 

–        Chat functionality through private messages or public discussions.

–        Ability to create, find and attend curated events of places of specific interest to a user.

–        Users can use the app to find and meet each other at offline events.  

–        Users can create or join existing groups of interest and create, browse or join discussions within groups.

–        Users can learn about different companies, projects, job positions and professional opportunities.

–        Ability to create and share content with others in the form of an article, discussion or story.

–        Users can consume content created by other users.

Key Benefits

The Vyoo mobile app enables its users to connect to people in real life within their own community. Business colleagues, mentors, founders, managers or any member of an individual’s network can belong to a specific community and create or consume content related to a specific topic of interest.

A second platform developed – Vyoo Enterprise – can generate white label mobile app shells for iOS and Android, allowing any organization or community to have its own branded social networking solution.

Vyoo delivers value in the following ways:


·        Connecting your community and members in the one place.

·        Enabling growth of the network and identifying key influencers.

·        Creating critical mass.


·        Users can connect with people with the same interests and goals, and segment them by age, gender, location etc.

·        Users can chat with other users through private messages or public discussions.

·        Users can find and attend events and places of specific interest.