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Modern web applications that build your brand and solve pain points in your business

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Generate new business opportunities, improve the user experience, or solve a complex problem. No matter what your business needs, our expert developers can build a web application that delivers results.

Software backed by strategy

Our approach to web application development is to start with a specific problem. Are you seeking to improve profitability? Automate customer service? Improve inbound sales? We’ll dive into your data and existing software to come up with an intervention that supports your goal. Makeen experts Collaborate with you to clearly understand your vision and set the project up to  deliver the advanced solution that meets your unique needs.

Smooth, efficient deployment

We bring you along every step of the way as we find the best software features and capabilities for your web application. Our skilled team of programmers transform your vision into reality by taking advantage of the latest agile methodologies and software development advances. We can guarantee a smooth and rapid lifecycle, with clear communication and frequent updates on our progress from day one to deployment.

Flexible, ongoing support

No one can predict what the future holds, but  there are always new tools, architecture techniques and upgrades of which you can take advantage. Our team is aware that technology moves fast, and we’ll build your application in a way that stays relevant for decades to come. We’ll also stay in touch after the product launch to assist with any new needs that arise in the years to come.



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Nikolay Zhidenko

Senior PHP/VueJS Developer

Looking for an expert in web apps development ? Meet Nikolay Zhidenko, a Senior Full-Stack Developer. Nikolay has more than seven year’s experience developing and testing high-quality code. While he is well versed in various technologies, he feels at home with PHP. He’s just one Makeen software engineers you could work with on your project.


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