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Makeen has the expertise and tools to build progressive web application to help businesses establish a strong brand name and customer experience Contact us today!

Modern Web Applications
that Build Your Brand & Solve
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Generate new business opportunities, improve the user experience, or solve a complex problem. No matter what your business needs, our expert developers can build a web application that delivers results.

Software Backed by Strategy

We build software rooted in solid and reliable strategic philosophy. We focus on creating transformational value for your project, and to do that we employ the following core principles. Fail fast and course-correct, prioritize features based on immediate user expectations, manage project scope to name a few. In addition, we expect and plan for mistakes and maximize parallel development and automation in order to mitigate project risks. Last, but not the least we invite our clients deeply into the development process not only to gain their feedback but to co-develop the product.

Smooth, Efficient Deployment

Our engineers prefer the philosophy of continuous integration and deployment methodologies that help speed up your project’s deployment. This means that every time our team makes a change to the code, integrates and builds the code, we also automatically test the code on environments that are similar to production. The deployment stages are typically categorized into a development environment, a test environment, and a staging environment, but the stages we choose depend on your product and the needs of your organization. This is how Makeen guarantees swift and efficient code deployment into production.

Flexible, Ongoing Support

Providing support to our clients means for us helping them with different growth opportunities in addition to post delivery software lifecycle management which involves technical problem solving, troubleshooting, and finding new solutions and answers to the upcoming demands after the launch. We focus on improving the intersection between the product and the user experience, in addition to transactional metrics in addition to business-related metrics like net promoter score, customer effort score, and churn etc. This forward thinking makes us uniquely competitive in this arena.

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Dan Ochiana


Dan leads the engineering, management and technical hiring at Makeen. He has extensive experience scouting, gelling teams, engineering, delivering product and expectations management that gives him the leverage of depth and software engineering to approach the industry with a holistic view, and this has resulted in several successful projects for him.


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